Saturday, December 15, 2012

We're a long way from a manger.......

     It's not her fault she married a neanderthal.  Every woman deserves an evening out.  So we put on our Sunday clothes, a little dinner and a little Irving Berlin.  A little culture never killed anybody.

      A huge pipe organ rose out of the stage floor and a gentleman started playing carols.  The little theatre on the square was a time machine and we were suddenly celebrating Christmas in 1950-something.  Even this heathen/Grinch/Scrooge was feeling right Christmasy.  I'd managed to put the news of the day out of my head until the carol of choice was "Away In A Manger."   I felt my chest start to ache and tears well up in my eyes.  I thought I'd gone and "taken a turn" until I realized I'd surpressed the day's heartache as long as I could.

     The picture that song puts in your brain is not just one of a manger and cattle's a picture of a children's choir  in white robes holding candles.  A gaggle of scraped knees, ponytails and cowlicks become little windows into heaven, everything beautiful, everything angelic...perfect innocence.  I sat there in that theatre, suddenly wanting to cry, and whispered to myself  "we're a long way from a manger."  

     It wasn't just that children died yesterday.  Innocence died.  And not just for children that watched their friends and teachers get gunned down.  Each instance of horror eats away a little part of us old folks,too.  The part that believes that people are basically good and that there's someone staying by OUR cradle "til morning is nigh." 

    I've said it a zillion times - if there is a heaven and if I get there, I've got questions.........

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