Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday stuff....

     Further evidence that I'm a dichotomy of epic proportions,  The fact that I'm in a tizzy today because the season premier of Duck Dynasty is on at the same time as the finale of Top Chef illustrates the oddness that is me.  Camouflage vs. Camembert.   Sweet tea vs. Sweetbreads.    I'd be as happy sitting in the woods talking trash with these characters and their beards as I would be putting on my suit and picking out a wine to go with our first course.  I'm odd, I tell ya.

     Seeing the headline on the story above I just knew I'd have much to say about the article...but I couldn't really figure out what in the hell the writer was saying.  I think that the remark regarding "human welfare" is a bit overstated...but being one who grew up on vinyl, I do miss a lot in the digital downloading of music.  Remember the magic of album covers?   Remember reading liner notes?  I've read similar discussions from folks who miss the physical comfort of holding a book when using an electronic gadget to enjoy the written word.   I'm not saying that art must now stand on its own without the packaging to help carry it  - album art never hid any bad music.  Album art did sometimes, though, enhance one's enjoyment of the music. 
someone agrees with me!
(by the way, yesterday would've been The Man in Black's 81st birthday)

      "Comfort food" rivals "literally" as the MOST overused descriptive in our dialect today.  So I won't use it-but a bowl of collard greens makes this child feel really good on a cold day.  It's a bite of tradition and a bite of culture.  It's the smell of your mother's kitchen in the morning, all coffee and bacon and biscuits.  It's the bed you slept in as a child where you knew a daddy was lying close by lest the devil (or a cat!) was to sneak in and try to suck the breath out of you while you slept.  It's someone you love at the end of a really crappy day, that someone who doesn't need details of why it was a crappy day ( but they know by the look on your face that it was.)   Ok, so it LITERALLY IS COMFORT FOOD dammit!   I honestly think collards may be one of the things on this earth I could eat every single day and never grow tired of (oysters is one of the others.) 

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