Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Moonlight Serenade

     Someday,maybe  the young folks that have called me "Uncle Tim" will hear old tunes - be they Skynyrd, Buffett, Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Outlaws, Rush or whatever - and say "God, we miss him!"   Maybe it'll be when they build a big fire and smoke some good meat.  Maybe it'll be when they watch a baseball game that goes 16 innings and the final score is 2-1 and a shortstop had to come in and pitch the final out.  Maybe it'll be when they watch Georgia Tech beat somebody (hopefully that evil empire over in Athens) in any sport that the Institute happens to be playing at that time.  They'll hopefully  remember me in a positive light....IF I'm as lucky as Winifred Freeman.
     She would've turned 89 today.  And if she knew she'd crossed our minds at all she would've probably told us to go about our day's work, go ahead and feed the kids and the dogs and the cats.  She would've told us to have fun, go help somebody who needs help,  "Go do something with yourselves!!" 
     I've worked hard today, making a living.  I'm going to cook supper for my bride, whom she loved dearly (long after her mind started leaving her she referred to my bride as "uh, one of my girls!")  She'd like it that I spent enough hours watching her in the kitchen so as to be able to put eatable fare on the table.  And she'd like it if she knew that anytime my thoughts turned to her I could hear "Moonlight Serenade" playing in my mind.  The changes in her facial expressions were obvious whenever she heard it.  I'm not sure what she was thinking, probably don't want to know.  But because it was a song that struck her heart it strikes mine...and I've been hearing it all day.
     Fear not, Erfy - we're doing good and pitchers and catchers report next month. 

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