Friday, February 13, 2009


There's Fridays and then there's FRIDAYS. Today is a FRIDAY. Reason being, we're on vacation next week. We'll be in Charleston, one of our favorite places on planet earth. We went on our honeymoon to Charleston and have been back once. I'm looking forward to being able to walk and walk and walk.... A visit from me to Charleston usually meant that scores of oysters were about to meet their maker. With my talent for slurping oysters now diminished because of surgery most of them will be safe this time around...but I plan on putting at least a small dent in the mollusk population of coastal Carolina.
So the Atlanta Braves are setting up shop with a minor league team here in Gwinnett County. I put in an application to usher or work guest relations. A chance to make extra money in my spare time AND watch free baseball. Perfect storm for yours truly. I've had two interviews now that both went well. I had an interesting moment during the second interview. The gentleman asking the questions asked me "would you say that you're happy with your appearance?" I'm not sure who was president the last time I was happy with my appearance, but I'm pretty sure he's dead by now. It made my week to give a positive response to that question.

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