Monday, June 9, 2008

Enough to make a man crazy...

As part of this whole process I'm seeing a counselor that specializes in eating disorders and weight management. Not just folks on my side of the scale but folks on the other end that don't eat enough. As part of the process she wants me to "blind weigh." Meaning she wants someone to weigh me and then get the results to her without me knowing them. Gotta admit, I didn't like the sound of that when she mentioned it. I mean it's MY progress and MY results and I want to know them, dammit! But, being the charitable soul that I am, I tried to comply.
I was going to a support group meeting anyway, up at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Lanier Park Campus. Their bariatric services group works in conjuction with my surgeon - Dr. Richard at Obesity Solutions in Gainesville - and they have facilities there where I can weigh, get support materials and have open dialogue with their dietician. It's an outstanding program. I can't say enough about their staff. Connie and Natalie are angels dressed in normal folks' clothes. But anyway....Natalie weighs me after the meeting on Saturday. Says she'll get the info to my counselor. Then she says "Wait a minute..what was your starting weight?" I told her and she said "Wow! You've done REALLY good on your own... REALLY good."
For the first time in.....well, I can't remember how long, something positive had been said about my weight and something appeared to be working. See, in preparation for surgery, I've been on a strict eating plan suggested by my counselor. While doing her plan (which isn't that hard, really) I'm easing into the modified liquid diet suggested by my surgeon. It consists of things like jello, cottage cheese, broth, cream soups (strained), sugar free popsicles, protein drinks etc.. Apparently, I've actually done some good. I don't FEEL like I've lost a lot of weight. But, at my size, it's like emptying the ocean with a teaspoon. The surgeon wants me to lose 50 lbs before surgery. Hopefully, when I meet with my counselor this afternoon, she'll give me some idea of what "really good means." She may not tell me but I'm going to try to pry it out of her. Cross your fingers.

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bunny said...

Natalie IS an angel! You know she went through this journey as well and looks awesome now.

Best of luck to you--Elisabeth tipped me onto your blog and I have been "lurking."

Julie E., your Wang wedding rehersal dinner sidecar companion