Friday, August 8, 2008

4 more days

After today we're a mere 4 days from surgery. I'm feeling somewhat better. My nutritionist - seeing what a bad time I was having choking down enough broth, jello and grits to make 80 calories - suggested I try "good" soup and just take out the solids. Like Progresso. Thank you God - something that finally tastes good! (Hell, finally something that tastes at all.) Granted, it'd be better if I left the meat and potatoes in pot roast soup, but the flavor is worlds better.
Had all the pre-op stuff on Wednesday and it went well. Dr. Richard is, without question, the nicest doctor I've ever encountered. Upon hearing of my total weight loss (72 pounds so far!) he high-fived and hugged me. He said that the hard work I'd put in on weight loss so far indicated that I was a good candidate for surgery. I was relieved. I was sure that there would be some last minute pitfall. I told Rhonda that I really wouldn't believe this was happening until I woke up in the recovery room. I saw the cardiologist on Tuesday and had a EKG and he gave his ok. Then I had another EKG at the hospital Wednesday. Needless to say I have no chest hair left. That's ok - it'll make me more aerodynamic when I start doing triathlons.
Receiving profoundly caring messages from loved ones and friends as we get closer. It's overwhelming to realize how many people are in my corner. I mean can it get any better? Football season is almost upon us and surgery is almost behind us.

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Chris said...

How proud you should be! I'll be following your progress through your family or your blogs. Don't take too long to get back to the "Less of Me" entries! I'm anxious to know your comments about what it's like after you've taken that dive off the high board.