Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Food, glorious food......."

Today I had a scrambled egg for breakfast and 6 bites of imitation crab meat (whitefish) for lunch. It might've been the best tasting food I've had in a while. When you've been on liquids for three weeks it doesn't take much to excite you. I quickly learned the limitations of my new stomach. The few bites of the fish satisfied me and left me feeling like I'd had a complete meal.
Here's something else I learned today. Somewhere in the deepest, darkest recesses of hell, there exists laboratories. The devil's got his best scientists in there working on one thing - chewable vitamins. The devil's quality control team samples them to make sure they closely resemble sand flavored with dehydrated goat feces hidden just well enough by some artificial fruit flavoring so that the goat crap doesn't hit you until you're actually a few bites into it. The chewable iron doesn't taste bad at all. The chewable calcium isn't good, but it's not bad. So why in the name of all that's holy do the chewable vitamins have to be so nauseating??? (I guess I should've mentioned first - I'm required to take a long list of vitamins daily. They have to be chewable b/c my new stomach pouch can't digest huge pills swallowed whole.)
Had the 1 week post-op appointment today. Got my bandages removed and Dr. Richard (who is surely destined for sainthood) said everything looked good. My grand total weight loss (since February of this year) is 88 pounds. I've lost 19 pounds since my surgery last Tuesday. At the end of the appointment I thanked Dr. Richard for everything. He said "don't think did all the hard work. The tendency for bariatric patients is to credit all success to their surgeon. Don't ever do should be proud of everything you've accomplished." I'll say it again, Dr. Richard is a huge credit to his profession.
So now it's down to the nuts and bolts. Eating very small amounts of the right things. I promise it'll be infinitely easier than the weeks prior to and immediately after surgery.

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