Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"The days they pass so quickly now..."

Sometimes you don't really think about your age. Then sometimes it hits like a freight train. One of my nephews is about to be a dad. So that means I'm about to be a great uncle (in my mind, I've always been a great uncle..but anyway...) We spent the weekend engaged in funeral activities for someone I've known since birth - one of the folks that's always been here and you figured they always would. I had yet another reminder this morning of how old I am that was as subtle as Rush Limabaugh's ego.
I was listening to a morning radio show on an "all the hits" type station. The hosts of this show use the word "totally" a lot. But I'm driven to their show because I find sports radio shows in this town intolerable. If it's not the Georgia Bulldogs (note correct spelling of "dogs") or pro basketball they don't discuss it. I have no interest in either. Anyway, they're discussing "romantic" songs and what should be on your play list when you're snuggling with your honey-bunny on Valentine's. Out of all the songs they discussed and played I knew two of them. Honest to God, I only knew two of them. One was a Beatles' song ("I wanna hold your hand") and one was an old Etta James song. The rest of the songs were performed by people who probably also use the word "totally" a lot.
How can you have a discussion about romantic songs and NOT include Sinatra singing "My Funny Valentine" ??????? Or Sinatra singing "One For My Baby(and one more for the road.)"??? It probably speaks volumes about me that I consider Greg Allman singing "Melissa" the epitome of romance.
Speaking of age, I was at the gym yesterday riding the bike. I was proud of myself as I went longer than I've ever been able to on the bike. I'm feeling pretty cocky until I notice the woman on the bike next to me. She looked to be well in her 60's and the timer on her bike indicated that she was in her second hour on the darn thing. And her legs were flying...if it'd been a real bike I swear she would've been doing 70 mph. I wanted to get off, go pop a cold one and listen to some Allman Brothers tunes...totally.

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