Monday, January 5, 2009 I'm slack...

Wow...I didn't realize how long it'd been since I'd updated this blog. The holidays were a whirlwind (is whirlwind really a word?) The Christmas season started well but ended not so well - enjoyed Christmas itself but spent New Year's Day morning at the emergency room with mom. On the upside, early in the morning on Jan 1st is an excellent time to be seen at the emergency room as we were just about by ourselves. It's just a bad skin infection on her foot but it did need attention. It looked like someone poured hot cooking oil on her foot. Hopefully it's on the mend - I'm taking her to the doctor later today to find out.
I'm starting out the new year with a much different mindset than usual. I'm down a total of 203 pounds now. It's such a refreshing change to look forward to the possibilities in a year instead of dreading more of the same. I have no idea what the year will hold - the economy is still in shambles and I could join the list of those job-hunting after the year is over (fortunately, my position is funded through at least 2009.) Mother's health could continue to deteriorate as could her sister's (my Aunt Jean who - along with many others -helped make my surgery possible.) Israel is kicking around the Gaza Strip...oil prices are already threatening to go back up. I was thumbing through the Farmer's Almanac last night and hurricanes and floods are on the way. Lions, tigers and bears soon to follow! But, like I said, I've got more to be excited about than I do to dread.
I'm going to a baseball game this summer. Hopefully more than a few. I've spent the last few baseball seasons not even wanting to watch them on television. It made me angry, sad and disappointed in myself to watch them knowing that I couldn't fit into the seats at the stadium. That's no longer an issue. I won't be able to eat any "peanuts and Cracker Jacks" but I'll be there. That might be why the Braves have missed the playoffs the last couple of years. I wasn't there to provide constructive criticism from the cheap seats!
Fish of the world beware. I'm going to do a lot of fishing this year. I did a little last year but this year I'm getting serious. It's cheap entertainment and I think it makes anyone feel better to be outdoors. Of course if we don't get more rain this year than last there won't be many places left to fish!
And I'm really ready to go watch some hockey. I'll give our budget and our schedule time to recover from the holidays but then I'm itching to head downtown and watch some big guys with no teeth knock each other around. Hockey in person is worlds better than hockey on television.
It's not just the entertainment and leisure that's going to get better in 2009. It's the anticipation of how much more weight I'm going to lose. It's the realization that my life is now full of possibilities and not roadblocks. It's knowing that my mind and body are in better shape to deal with the bad and enjoy the good. And last, but not least, come August 12,2009 I'm going to shake up the coldest and tastiest martini in the history of planet earth and toast victories that are sweeter than any World Series or Super Bowl.

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