Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have I become annoying?

You know the person. The person who took a vacation to France and visited the Louvre and now they're an art history professor. The person who went to Jamaica on vacation and now they're the world's leading expert on Rastafarian culture. The person who once saw the Bering Strait and now includes extensive foreign relations in their resume (oh wait, I said I'd avoid politics!) Anyway, I got it on my mind last night that I've become THAT person with regards to weight and nutrition. The people around me are probably thinking "Hey - chunky monkey! SHUT UP!!! You've been the fat guy most of your life and now suddenly you're Richard Simmons?????????? SHUT UP!!!"
I'm not trying to be the expert. I'm not trying to be "healthier than thou." But I had no idea how much or how poorly I ate until I wasn't eating that way anymore. I had no idea what a destructive path I was on until I was on a much healthier one. I had no idea how similar my thought and behavior patterns were to those that have chemical or alcohol dependencies. And I don't want anyone I care about to find themselves fighting the same battles. That said, though, I don't want to start irritating y'all. If I do, smack me. Or eat a tofu sandwich (with grilled onions and melted provolone) from Mellow Mushroom in front of me. That would hurt more...
Speaking of eating out, check out You can look up restaurants and find some healthy food choices at restaurants (even fast food joints.) It's quite the eye opener.

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Melinda Sileo said...

Come on! You've been annoying all your life!
Just a joke from your favorite sister.