Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The idiots are still trying....

The idiots are still trying to make me feel like a day old dog turd, but they're not winning. The kid and his dad were walking up North Ave. after the Tech game. There I was enjoying the sunshine, Tech won, Duke had been humbled and this kid tries to ruin it all by reminding me "Wow! You're fat!" I said "wow - you're rude!" You may think I would've been better served by just ignoring him and not saying anything back to him. But consider this - I refrained from telling him that his ears were huge and I hoped he grew into them soon. I could've also gone down this road: "That shirt you have on? When you're an adult you're going to hate your parents for making you wear such as that...unless, of course, your name by then is Angela and you can tell Oprah you blame your confused sense of gender identity on being forced to wear that shirt."
See...I'm doing better! In days past I would've said all of that to his face. Instead I brightened your day with it!

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Elisabeth7291 said...

LOL :))))))))))))))

You're a hoot! And, we need to get together soon!