Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've got to quit weighing myself.......

After such huge chunks of weight falling off immediately after surgery things have slowed a bit. In the last three weeks I've only lost 7 pounds. Prior to the weigh-in I had in my mind what my weight would be and prematurely celebrated the numbers. The preconceived numbers fell well short of reality and kept me from being happy about the reality. 7 pounds is good. 7 pounds is an accomplishment. But if you drove a Bentley work to yesterday driving a minivan today is going to leave you cold. My bride said to be happy. The nutritionist said to be happy. The surgeon's nurse said to be happy. So, I guess, I'll be happy and move on.
All previous weigh-in's had been either at the surgeon's office or the nutritionist's office. Now, however, we've ordered a moderately priced scale that can give me accurate readings to use here at home. After the aforementioned modest loss, I'm honest-to-God afraid to take the new one out of the box! I don't want to play the mind games I've played in the last week, obsessing about numbers. Further, having the thing accessible 24-7, I'm afraid I'll become some sort of weigh-in junkie and it'll drive me nuts! "OH MY GOD... I HAVEN'T LOST ANY WEIGHT SINCE THIS AFTERNOON!!!!!! IT'S BEEN THREE HOURS SINCE I LAST CHECKED IT AND NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!!!!" You think I'm kidding...I can definitely see myself becoming that manic. Go figure..after a quarter century or more of avoiding finding out what my weight actually is I can't go an hour without thinking about it.